What are the Benefits of a Car Buying Service?

When you need a new set of wheels, but just don’t have the time to invest in the whole process, you may want to think about looking at a car buying service.

Car buying can be a pleasant process, especially when you have a dedicated service working on your behalf. A car buying service will be staffed with experts that can get you the best deal and allow you to get on with what’s important to you.

Benefits of Using a Car Buying Service

Less hassle

A car buying service will reach out to multiple dealers so that you don’t have to. They will also handle the insurance and financing options.

Usually, such services purchase large amounts of cars, both new and used, on a regular basis. As such, they can negotiate better discounts on your behalf than you would be able to do on your own.

The service will also inspect the vehicle for you, providing an in-depth report on the car’s condition so that you know exactly what you’re getting.

Good for your business

If you’re a business owner in need of a fleet of vehicles, using a car buying service is probably your best option. Typically, a car buying service can save your business from 10-15% on the purchase price.

Even if your business already has a fleet and is looking to upgrade, car-buying professionals can offer a great service. They are experts at trade-ins, and can trade your existing fleet for one that is newer and more equipped to handle your current needs.

Objective information

Car buying services aren’t associated with any one dealer or manufacturer, so they can give you the most unbiased information regarding your car purchase.

Remember they are car experts, where you may not be, and they will represent you in the buying process. They know where the rebates are, where the incentives are, and know the real deal in what you’re about to buy. They aren’t trying to sell you on their particular make or model.

More Reasons to go with a Car Buying Service:

  • You don’t have to deal with salespeople. The car buying service is just that—a service to find you the best car at the best price.
  • Travel. You can stay at home and let the experts do all the work for you. You can do it all over or the phone or online.
  • No pressure. Unlike traditional car salesman, the experts at a car buying service will not be putting the hard sell on you.

Using a car buying service can work to your advantage in numerous ways. If you’re stretched for time, or just don’t want to do the searching and haggling on your own, it can be a great option.

If you’d like some help with you’re next car purchase, get in touch with our team today to discuss your needs. We’ll even have the car delivered right to your front door!