Car Buying Guide

Our Car Buying Guide is there to help you navigate your way and figure out which cars to buy. Aussie’s love to buy cars and it was once thought that changing your car every seven years was the way to go. More recent data shows that Aussie’s are changing their car’s every four years. The main reason? Car’s are becoming more affordable and accessible.

The car buying process, however, has not gotten any easier. This Car Buying Guide will help you navigate your way through the process so that you can get into your new wheels as soon as possible.


Where to Start?


Deciding on the type of car you want is where you need to start. But that can be difficult, particularly when there are over 50 brands of cars available to choose from.

The problem isn’t just in what brand to choose, but what make and model. So even if you narrow it down to a brand, you’ve got a variety of bodystyles and engine sizes to choose from. Not to mention colour…

The other thing to consider is do you buy new or used? The used car market is huge in Australia. Of every three cars sold, two of those are likely to be used.

To help you make a decision on the type of car you’d like to purchase, consider these questions:

  1. What will the car be used for? Would you benefit most from a sedan, wagon, coupe or 4WD? Aim for a vehicle that will cater to most of your requirements. No one vehicle will do everything you want.
  2. New or used car? Do you need the security of a new-car warranty? Can you cope with losing 30% of your new car’s value in the first 3 years? If not, then a used car is your best option. You can get access to near new vehicles that come with a 6-month warranty in any case.
  3. What fuel type do you want? Petrol, diesel, hybrid, gas? The type of fuel you go with will determine how many vehicles are available and the type of price you’ll get them for. Petrol is the most common, then diesel. Choose carefully, as some options are more economical than others.
  4. Brand value. Choosing a good brand could provide rewards further down the track in the way of retained value. Some cars devalue at different rates. Retained value is often down to how much someone else is willing to pay for it. Something to think about.


Where should you buy?


This is where you’ll need to do some research. If you’re planning to buy new, make sure you research local dealers to see what other people’s buying experiences have been like.

If you’re looking to buy used and want a great deal, buying privately could be your best option.

If you’re still not sure what type of car is going to suit your needs, check out our car buying service. At Australian Credit and Finance, we have a team of car experts who buy cars for our clients every day. They can provide advice and help you figure out what you want, right down to having your new car delivered straight to your front door. Call us on 1300 735 557 today.


Before You Buy


Before you buy your car, there are a few things you should do before you hand over your hard earned cash.

  1. Get a trusted mechanic to look over the car and make sure there are no hidden issues. This is particularly important if you’re buying used and buying privately.
  2. Get a complete service history on the vehicle.
  3. Ask if the car has been in any accidents and which company did the repairs.
  4. Take the car for a test drive. This should be the ultimate deciding factor for you. Focus on these questions while you drive:
    1. How does the car feel to drive?
    2. Are there any weird noises when you turn corners?
    3. Do you like the stereo?
    4. Does the drivers seat adjust to fit you well?
    5. How is the air conditioning? Too hot or too cold?
    6. Does the car’s suspension feel ok? Drive over some bumps to test this.
    7. If the car is manual, do the gears change smoothly?
    8. Does the car start easily?
    9. Do the wipers work? Do they make a noise?

Once you’re happy with the above, you’re ready to buy. If you need help with car finance, speak to our car experts about arranging this for you as well.

Now that you’ve finished reading our Car Buying Guide, and you have an idea of the types of cars to buy, you can safely start the process to buy a car. If you need help, contact our car buying experts on 1300 735 557.