Lump Sum Repayment Calculator

Need to work out how much you could save on your mortgage if you were able to make strategic lump sum payments? Use the lump sum payments calculator below to get an estimate of how much you can expect to save on your mortgage based on the details you enter.

To find out what your repayments will be, you’ll need to enter the following information:

  • Your loan amount
  • The loan term
  • Repayment frequency (monthly, fortnightly or weekly)
  • Type of loan (variable or fixed)
  • Interest rate
  • Repayment type (principal & interest or interest only)


Once you’ve entered in this information, here’s what happens next.

The repayment calculator provides you with an approximate monthly repayment (in the green box) amount based on how much money you want to borrow and the loan term, i.e, the number of years you wish to take the loan out over.

Once you’ve worked out your regular repayments, click on the tab (option) called “Options to Save”. By clicking this, you are presented with a few different options. The one you want to focus on is the lump sum amounts. Enter in different information to show how much you could save in interest over the term of your mortgage.

The information required here is:

  • Extra repayment amount
  • Offset account amount
  • Repayment frequency
  • Lump sum amount (monthly, fortnightly, weekly)
  • Lump sum amount (year)

By identifying and comparing different amounts, you can quickly see how much of a difference a few strategic lump sum payments a year can make and begin to determine your best course of action, such as when is the best time to make thee types of payments.

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