Mortgage Repayment Calculator

Use our mortgage repayment calculator to work out what your minimum repayments could be for the amount you’re looking to borrow, based on weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.

Are you looking to buy your first home? Looking at refinancing? Trying to figure out what your mortgage repayments will be, but not sure where to start? Using a home loan repayment calculator is the fastest way to get an approximate indication of your mortgage repayments based on the amount you’re looking to borrow.

Using ACF’s Mortgage Repayment Calculator


You can see what happens to your mortgage repayments when you change the frequency to weekly, fortnightly and monthly. You’ll be able to see how the frequency of your repayments affects your home loan.

Generally, the more repayments you’re making the less total interest you’ll end up paying. So if you choose to make repayments weekly, your interest over the term of the loan will be significantly less if you were to make monthly or fortnightly repayments.

And while it makes sense to try and save as much money as you can, you also don’t want to add stress to your life by trying to make weekly repayments when your income is paid monthly and vice versa.

It’s all about working out what the best option is for your specific needs, and that’s where the mortgage repayments calculator can help the most.

The power of our repayment loan calculator is that it not only shows you repayment amounts, but it will also show you repayments on different types of loans, such as interest only loans or principal and interest loans.

Use the results you get from the mortgage repayment calculator to determine your budget strategy going forward and whether the amount that you’re looking to borrow is the right fit, or whether you need to reassess your home buying options.


What About Refinancing?


If you’re looking at refinancing or investing in property, use the home loan repayment calculator to see how much your repayments will be on the additional amount.

Try different scenarios including changing interest rates, mortgage types and repayment frequencies until you arrive at a number of options that will meet your needs.

Chat with a mortgage broker to figure out your best step forward and consider looking at our other home loan calculators to ensure you’re covering all bases.

Consider the difference a lump sum payment could make to your current mortgage and what you could afford to borrow if you were looking at property investments.

Using the easy-to-use ACF mortgage repayment calculator can help you get an informed understanding of the weekly/fortnightly/monthly costs of repaying a mortgage for your home purchase or refinance option.

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