Extra Repayment Calculator

Use the extra repayment calculator below to see how much you could save on the total amount of mortgage repayments, or how long it could take to pay your home loan off, when you make additional monthly repayments over and above what you’re currently paying.

If you’re able to make additional home loan repayments each week, fortnight or month, you could save yourself a significant amount of interest and end up reducing the length of your mortgage. Wouldn’t it be great to pay off your mortgage early? Just imagine what you could to with the money saved. 

How a Mortgage Extra Repayment Calculator Works


If you want to save yourself time and money, one of the fastest ways to pay off an existing home loan is to look at making extra mortgage repayments. It’s no secret that the more money you owe on your home loan, the more interest you’re going to be paying too, so if you’re current home loan allows it, it makes sense to consider making extra repayments as soon as you’re able to.

If you’ve had an increase in income or received a bonus, this is the time to think smart and consider your best options in using that money wisely.

By utilising the ACF extra repayment calculator, you can simply enter in your current mortgage details, including:

  • interest rate,
  • your loan amount and
  • how often you’re making repayments

Once that information is entered, you are then able to calculate how much money you could save when making these extra repayments.

The impact on your overall financial future could be significant, especially if you’re able to keep these extra repayments up for a good length of time.

Wouldn’t it be a great feeling to have your mortgage repaid 5 or 10 years earlier than expected as well as reducing the overall interest paid?


What if I can only afford small repayments? Is it worth it?


Absolutely. Any extra amount, big or small, could make a big difference to the overall amount of interest you’ll pay on your home loan.

By using the extra repayments calculator, you can play around with a number of figures to see just how much you can save on interest and how quickly your mortgage could be paid off, depending on the extra repayments you’re able to make.

It’s a powerful tool to have at your disposal, along with having a chat to an experienced mortgage broker, who can help you navigate your mortgage options.

Using the easy-to-use ACF extra repayment calculator can help you get an informed understanding of the differences extra repayments would make to the overall cost and life of your current mortgage.

Contact Australian Credit and Finance today to discuss your mortgage options and see how much money you could be saving in the next 30 days.