Where Should You Retire Location Wise?

  • Posted 10 Jun

Where Should You Retire Location Wise?

If you ask a group of Australians where they hope to live in retirement, you’ll get a varied list of answers. Some people are perfectly comfortable in their current setting, while others hope to relocate to a beach town or to the laid back countryside.


When thinking about future retirement and property buying plans, your best option is to start with a series of questions:

  1. Do you want to remain close to your immediate family or are you willing to travel for short visits?
  2. Are you interested in downsizing to a small condo or do you see yourself in a rambling house where you can host all your children and grandchildren?

If you decide to move, there are multiple options, including golf course communities, beach towns, rural properties, and retirement communities.

Here are some of the pros and cons for a few of the most popular choices when it comes to retirement locations in Australia.



Apartment living

If you currently own a suburban home, you may be tempted to get an apartment in one of Australia’s city centres instead, such as Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney. You’ll probably sacrifice some square footage but you’ll be walking distance to restaurants and entertainment and the city’s public transport network.

Apartment homes require less maintenance, and you’ll have no yard to upkeep. If the residence has a concierge, you’ll have added security and someone around to sign for packages and help with other errands. And many buildings offer amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, and BBQ areas to add to the quality of life.

The disadvantage of an inner city apartment is that your money may not go as far as you’d like, meaning you’ll have to downsize to a much smaller space. Additionally, you’ll have ongoing body corporate fees. Finally, some people have trouble adjusting to living with close neighbours. It pays to think about what you really want and to view apartments before you make a decision.



A home in the country

Others have retirement dreams of purchasing a few acres in the countryside to experience the slower rural lifestyle. If you appreciate a sense of peace and quite afforded by a place in the country, this may be the perfect option.

Advantages of a country retreat include ample space for gardening and animals, lots of fresh air, and the safety of leaving city crime and problems behind. These smaller communities also offer a sense of camaraderie and socializing with neighbours that you won’t experience in the city.

But even an idyllic retreat can have its downsides. Country living can be isolating and you’ll be further from family. If you’re used to city life, you may find the slow pace to be dull, at least until you adapt. Financially, rural property may not hold its value over time if the area population starts to decline.


Life at the beach

 If you’ve always loved vacationing at the beach, why not consider a move to Bribie Island or the Tasmanian coast? Living in a beach community offers exercise and fresh air, a community of other transplant retirees, and an incentive for all your friends and family to come visit. Beach properties also tend to retain their value over time, because ocean front views will always be popular.

Unfortunately, those high property values mean that moving to the beach may be a very expensive retirement option. Also, you’ll have to deal with tourists during certain times of the year, and may have to worry about home damage from storms, salt spray, and other natural hazards.



If you’re planning a move for retirement, start by assessing your needs and researching potential costs. If you are planning to retire and want to explore your options, contact our home loans experts to see about getting the best deal for your future today.

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