When to Use Virtual Styling to Market Your Investment Property

  • Posted 20 Mar

When to Use Virtual Styling to Market Your Investment Property

In our digital age, there’s an app for almost everything. When it comes to marketing your property, it’s no different.

Virtual styling involves the use of computer design and modeling technology to alter or augment the images of your property.Selling your home with virtual styling

We’ve all seen an architect’s rendering of a particular space that has yet to be built, replete with every detail of how it will look when completed. Now, similar technology is being used to market everyday homes.

Using the actual structure of your home, we can now add such things as furniture, and décor to your empty rooms. This is the art of digitally re-styling your domicile for marketing purposes.

What can this actually do?

When selling your home, you always need to keep buyers first impressions in mind. As with most things in life, you only get one chance to make a first impression! Virtual styling can help to enhance the first impression of the property you are trying to sell. It can add that “wow” factor, particularly if you’ve already move out of the house and it’s now empty.

As the seller, it will always be beneficial if you can show the buyer what the property could look like with furniture in it. Adding furniture to an empty home is something easily done through virtual styling software, and this can greatly add to the appeal and enable you to sell your home faster.

Virtual styling is a much more cost –effective way to “stage” your home than actually staging the home in reality. It can lead to some drastic changes in how your property is perceived, which can ultimately help you get your home taken off the market.


This tech solution can entice the buyer to actually come see the property, but it cannot, in the end, sell the property by itself. Remember these three things have to happen for a buyer to sign on the dotted line:

  1. They have to be enticed and intrigued by the property
  2. The need to feel a sense of engagement to the property
  3. They need to commit to buying property

Virtual styling can really only help with the first of these. It can garner interest, but ultimately, the buyer will have to come out to the actual home and your real estate salesperson’s skills will then be put to the test.

There are actually times when virtual styling can hamper your selling attempts. This can happen when there is too much of a difference between the digitally enhanced version and the actual, “analog” version in real life.

You don’t want there to be too much difference between perception and reality, as this can have negative consequences on two essential components of the sale: rapport and trust.

Virtual styling is, however, a very powerful tool to have in your sales arsenal. It can get your phone ringing, which is often the hardest part of the real estate game. Once that happens, the rest is up to you!

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