When To Buy Your Next Car (the best time of the year)

  • Posted 15 Dec

When To Buy Your Next Car (the best time of the year)

If you’re about to buy a car, you know that this is an investment that is NOT going to earn you any money long-term. This is why you need to buy smart. Most people spend a lot of time researching their next car purchase, although there are also a lot of people that don’t.

Once you’ve found the car you want, when is the best time to make the actual purchase?

In buying any car, be it new or used, knowing the trends of car sales can help you to find the best deal out there.  Buying a car can be a very long and difficult process, with lots of searching and going back and forth between dealers.

But guess what? There are certain times of the year when it’s better to buy to ensure you get the best deal possible. Read on to learn more.

1. End of the Fiscal Year

June is always going to be filled with sales. It’s the end of the financial year, so this is going to be a great time to buy.

At this time, dealerships are attempting to attract customers with things like low financing, price slashing and free services. There are some great deals at this time of the year, but it’s also the time of the year that a lot of people choose to upgrade their car. So this can result in smaller deals. There are other times of the year that might be better suited to your budget.

2. Christmas Time

The holiday frenzy is a time when retailers are trying to maximise profits, taking advantage of the high buying period in Australia. November and December are great times to buy a car, as dealers want to clear as much of the year’s stock as they can.

You may also benefit from the fact that there are less people buying cars at this time, as most are focused on Christmas gifts, celebrations and travel for the holiday season. This is a great time to buy, as dealers are highly motivated to sell and make better deals to get rid of stock.

3. New Year

If you were more focused on celebrating the holiday season than on looking for deals, the months following the New Year can be great buying windows as well.  March is typically the second biggest buying time of the year, so try and visit the dealerships during these times to get a bargain.

The reason for bargains at this time of the year? Whatever dealers didn’t get rid of at the end of the year, they need to really shift now. If you need help locating a great deal, our car buying service can help too.

4.  Save With Previous Year Models

You can save a lot of money by buying the previous year’s make and model. There will be a lot of buyers rushing to get the latest models, but if you’re ok with a model that’s just from a few months earlier, you can take advantage of dealerships attempts to clear out old stock and demo models.

These are cars the dealer already has in stock and is looking to get rid of to make room for newer models. By settling for one of these models, you can save yourself a lot of money.

5. Timing

There are certain times of the week when it’s better to purchase. Weekends are good, as dealers are willing to cut deals so they can meet their weekend quotas.  The end of the month is good as well, as dealers are racing to meet their monthly quotas. They are highly motivated on the last day of the month, as they are sometimes willing to do whatever they can to make that last sale to meet the deadline.

If you’re ready to buy your next car and need help with finance or where you should buy from, get in touch with our team today to find out your best options.

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