Understanding the Basics of Car Maintenance

  • Posted 02 Mar

Understanding the Basics of Car Maintenance

Your car is probably one of the biggest purchases you’ve made to date, outside of your family home, of course. If you want to ensure that your car stays in optimal working condition, you’ll need to ensure that you’re taking good care of it.

By doing this, you can help improve its overall performance and in some cases, extend the life of your car.

If you understand some of the more basic car maintenance functions, you can not only save yourself some time, but you could also save yourself money.

Follow these tips below to make sure that you’re at least performing these basic car maintenance functions:



Basic Car Maintenance


Did you know that the average Australian drives their car approximately 14,000km each year? That might seem small to you if you’re in rural Australia, but if you’re living in a city, this is actually a lot.

To keep your car from dying an early death, implement these easy at-home checks every 6-8 weeks for optimal car performance:

  • Check the car battery for leaks and that all cables are connected securely
  • Check transmission fluid levels and top up if you need to
  • Review the radiator coolant fluid level, top it up if you need to
  • Look at your windscreen wipers. Have they been making that annoying squeaky noise? They probably need replacing.
  • Check the power steering fluid levels and if you need to, top it up
  • Look at your dashboard indicator lights, are they all working? If some are missing, you might have a blown fuse, which you’ll need to replace.
  • Look at your headlights on both high and low beam to make sure they are both working. Check their alignment as well
  • What about your indicator signal lights? Check front and back and make sure they are working in hazard mode as well
  • Check the engine oil levels and top up as needed. If you do this regularly, you’ll ensure that the engine is always running optimally, making sure to change the oil once it gets dirty and black
  • Check your windscreen washer fluid. This can often be forgotten and when you most need it, there’s none there! Check often and fill up often to avoid this
  • Check your tyre tread for unusual wear and tear. Check air pressure and fill to your car’s recommendation, not what’s printed on the tyre. Replace if you can see the wear indicators
  • Check your rear, park and brake lights to make sure they are all working. You’ll need to enlist the help of a friend to do this properly

As you can see, there is a lot you can do at home.



Mechanic Checks


The following is what your local mechanic should be checking during scheduled maintenance services:

  • Cabin air filter
  • Engine hose and belts
  • Spark plugs and injectors
  • Engine air filters
  • Suspension
  • Fuel filter
  • Tyre alignment
  • Exhaust system
  • Brake pads

By implementing and understand the basics of car maintenance, you’re better prepared to look after your car and ensure that it lives a happy and healthy life, saving you time and money in the long run.

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