Top 5 TED Talks to Master Your Finances

  • Posted 06 May

Top 5 TED Talks to Master Your Finances

When it comes to mastering your finances, whom you take advice from is key in being able to make key principles stick.

At Australian Credit and Finance, we love TED talks; the information provided during these events is always beneficial to whoever attends.

From a finance perspective, there are five TED talks that really stand out to us. Here they are for you to enjoy below.


Master Your Finances With These 5 TED Talks

TED Talk – Saving More Tomorrow by Shlomo Benartzi

In this TED talk, Economist Shlomo Benartzi poses the question “How do we turn this behavioural challenge into a behavioural solution?”

He’s talking about how most of us consider saving money next week to be easy, but what about saving money right now? We tend to live in a spend society, with a “save later” mentality – but saving later doesn’t actually eventuate and Benartzi believes this is the biggest obstacle to ensuring you save enough for retirement.

TED Talk – What Bernie Madoff couldn’t steel from me by Matt Weinstein

This talk focuses on the notorious scam run by Bernie Madoff. Matt Weinstein lost his entire life savings to this scam, but in this talk, he talks about how losing this was a blessing in disguise.

It’s about perspective and how you deal with what comes at you. He talks about how you can choose how you respond to financial stress and that one scam doesn’t take away the rest of your life.

TED Talk – Poverty, Money and Love by Jessica Jackley

In this inspirational talk, Jessica Jackley talks about what her beliefs were around people in poverty, that “they need our help.” This generally comes in the form of tossing a few coins in a jar.

She talks about the beliefs that she was given as a child around the poor and how it was “our” responsibility to help but that the problem would never go away. Jessica is the co-founder of, a non-profit organisation helping those who have limited funds with micro-loans.

TED Talk – Let’s Raise Kids to be Entrepreneurs by Cameron Herold

Cameron Herold has always been an entrepreneur and during this talk, he talks about the kids that are bored in school, failing classes and seem to be at odd with their peers. These are the types of kids that might be entrepreneurs. His talk focuses on how parenting and education should help foster would-be entrepreneurs, how to encourage them to flourish.

TED Talk – Post Crash Investing in a Better World by Geoff Mulgan

In this talk, Geoff Mulgan talks about the idea of using funds to stimulate new, socially responsible companies rather than sending bailout money to doomed, old industries.

He suggests ways that we can make the world a little bit better by doing this and effectively ‘reboot’ the world’s economy.

We hope you enjoy these TED Talks. TED conferences happen all over the world, if you ever get the opportunity to attend one, make sure that you do, you’ll learn more than you thought you could.

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