Tips for Staying Safe During a Roadside Breakdown

  • Posted 10 Feb

Tips for Staying Safe During a Roadside Breakdown

So far, you’ve been blessed with a great car. It’s never given you any trouble, you’re always able to breeze through maintenance services with minimal fuss and you just really enjoy driving your car.

Until the day something goes wrong and you’re on a high speed road with a broken down vehicle, waiting for roadside assistance…

To ensure your safety and the safety of other motorists, it’s important that you and other drivers, understand these tips while your parked on the side of the road:



#1: Pay attention


If you’re the one parked on the side of the road, it’s important that you pay attention to what’s around you and stay inside the vehicle.

If you do need to get out, hop out of the passenger’s door rather than opening the driver’s door onto the road. Passing motorists might be closer than you think.

If you’re driving on a highway and notice a car pulled over, consider slowing down and give the car a bit of space, particularly if emergency vehicles or roadside assistance vehicles are present.

Being present and mindful of what’s in front of you will ensure that everyone stays safe.



#2: Find the safest spot


If you’re able to, find the safest spot possible to pull over and pull over as far off the road as you can.

By keeping as far to the left as possible, you’ll ensure that another vehicle doesn’t sideswipe you.



#3: Use the car’s safety features


All cars are equipped with hazard lights, now’s the time to use them! This is particularly important at night. If you’ve had to pull over, switch those hazard lights on quickly.

It’s much more difficult to spot a car pulled over on the side of the road at night, so make it easier for fellow motorists to spot you and avoid you.

As well as your hazard lights, put your parking lights on at well.

As soon as you can, call your roadside assistance and give them your approximate location, letting them know that your hazard lights have been activated, so they can find you easily.



#4: Stay calm


While it can be difficult to do, staying calm will ensure you don’t do silly things, like run across the road!

If you’ve got others with you, like young children, keep them calm too. Play a game like ‘eye spy with my little eye…’ to keep them entertained while you wait for roadside assistance.

By keeping a level head, you’ll be able to make decisions based on the information you have in front of you, rather than making rash and dangerous decisions based on fear.

No matter what type of car you have, make sure you have some form of roadside assistance membership in place. Used cars can have a tendency to breakdown more than new cars, but you can never predict when accidents will happen.

If you need help with sourcing a new car, contact the team at Australian Credit and Finance today.

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