Selling Your Home: 7 Features Home Buyers Look For

  • Posted 30 Nov

Selling Your Home: 7 Features Home Buyers Look For

Wahoo! You’ve decided to sell your home and upgrade to something bigger and better.

You want to get the best price for your place, which is why it’s important to understand the types of things home buyers are looking for.

There are always the obvious features you’ll be promoting when selling your home, but there are a few that you might be surprised by when it comes to what home buyers are actually looking for.

While price and location are often top of the list when it comes to looking for a home, there are some other key factors that can sway a home buyer in your direction.


7 Features Home Buyers Look for in a New Home

#1: Second living area

With families looking to have separate areas for the kids and the adults, extra living space is in high demand. So if you have any extra living space in your home, ensure your real estate agent lists this in any marketing material.

Open-plan living is also highly sought after, particularly for families who have more than 1 child.

#2: Modern bathroom and kitchen

If you’re in an older house and have renovated your bathrooms and kitchen, this is going to be in your favour in a large way.

Renovated kitchens will give you a large return and if you’ve got wide bench space, you’ll find buyers will be flocking to your open homes.

Make sure your marketing material has great photos of any of these renovated areas.

#3: Outdoor area

Many buyers will be looking for an outdoor entertaining area that can accommodate a small get together, particularly in areas like Queensland and New South Wales where the summer’s are long.

Buyers will be looking for a good flow from indoor to outdoor as well as areas where seating has good sun protection.

#4: Natural light

If you have a lot of natural light in your home, ensure that you play up this feature.  Buyers are looking for light and bright homes, and this is a huge selling point if you’ve got it.

Play up north-facing orientation and any other sources of natural light, such as skylights.

#5: A large backyard

If your home is in a location close to schools and shopping areas, then it’s going to be in demand for families.

One of the first things a family looking to buy is going to inquire about is the size of the backyard… and they’ll often do this before even committing to an inspection.

So if you’re backyard is large enough to kick around a football, make sure it’s mentioned in your marketing material.

#6: Storage space

This is something that you might not think would be a major feature, but if as a home buyer, it’s something you’ll be looking for, particularly in areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.

If you’ve got a ton of storage space in your home, make sure the agent is highlighting this during your open homes.

#7: Bedroom sizes

Another feature home buyers look for in their new homes is bedroom size and the amount of floor space and built-in storage there is available.

If you’ve got large bedrooms with good built-in wardrobe space, this will be well received by home buyers, particularly those with children.

If you’ve read this list and decided you want to update a few areas in your home before putting it on the market, chat to our team about accessing the equity in your home for renovations so that you can ensure you get the best price come sale time.

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