Renovation Success Tips for Putting in a Pool

  • Posted 22 Dec

Renovation Success Tips for Putting in a Pool

If you’re thinking about putting in a pool so that you can fully enjoy the upcoming summer’s heat wave in style, there are some things you’re going to need to know.

Making this kind of home renovation is no easy feat, but if you follow a few of our tips below, you’ll be in a much better position to get the job done right.

1. Know your needs

Why are you building this pool? Do you just want something for your kids to splash around in, or is it for your exercise routine, or just something to chill out in during the hot summer months? Do some thinking about what your reasons are for this renovation. It will help guide you throughout the building process and will also determine the scale of the renovation.

2. Size, Shape, Depth, Type

We all would love to have a giant infinity pool like those we see in 5 star resorts, but the reality is, you can only build based on the amount of space you have.  Take a can of spray paint, and literally mark out the space you feel would meet your needs and that fits within your available backyard space. You’re going to need to know these dimensions when you begin talking with pool builders.

Think also about the shape of your pool. You don’t necessarily have to go with a simple rectangle or box shape, but know that if you get too creative geometrically, that may increase the cost and overall length of the total build time.

How deep will your pool be? Also, what materials would you like to use? Some options to consider are: fiberglass, poured-concrete, vinyl-lined and gunite.

All these factors must match with things like the unique shape of your backyard. You might be better off with an aboveground, or partially in-ground pool. Your builder will be able to help you in this decision process.

3. Match the Pool to the Overall Outdoor Space

These days, you can get pretty creative when it comes to the theme and style of your pool. Here are a few ideas:

  • Lagoons
  • Pebble Finishes
  • Stone
  • Different shades of green and blue
  • Texture variations

Really, you can match the colour and style of your pool to the overall settings in which they will “live”.  Be cognizant of how the pool compliments or takes away from the backyard space as a whole. This will ensure that when you decide to sell, you won’t ‘lose’ dollars because your backyard space doesn’t look right.

4. Know Your Local Rules and Regulations

Do your research before you hire a excavator and start digging. Visit your local council to discuss your pending home renovation. You’ll have to comply with any and all building and safety codes, as well as those pertaining to national water and fencing laws.

Your pool excavation and design project can go very smoothly if you keep these tips in mind. If you need help with accessing finance to complete your renovation, get in touch with our team today. We can help you start the process right now.

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