Mitsubishi Outlander – 2013 Model Review

  • Posted 22 Oct

Mitsubishi Outlander – 2013 Model Review

The Mitsubishi Outlander is classed as a SUV vehicle. This model is said to be a quiet achiever, looking to smooth the rough edges on the previous model, all while retaining it’s pragmatic outlook.

Initially, what is great about the Outlander is the ride quality is far improved on the previous model. There is seven-seat availability in all models and the cabin offers a lot of space and a quality finish that was lacking on its predecessor.

Some of the drawbacks include the fact that the split tailgate has been removed, there is a bit of engine noise in the CVT model and there could be some overheating issues also with the CVT option – so it would be best to avoid this model until this is fixed.

While the Outlander hasn’t been known for being a class leader in the SUV segment of vehicles in Australia, it can rely on it’s utilitarian interior, large carrying capacities and value for money to attract prospective buyers.

This is the third generation of the Outlander, and it retains its predecessor’s appealing qualities as well as making some much anticipated improvements. This mainly resides in the areas of fuel economy, safety and quality.

Mitsubishi have decided to introduce a brand-new diesel engine into this model. This engine is hooked up to a six-speed, automatic gearbox, allowing more appeal for the model to reach the market. Mitsubishi are looking for some big growth through this additional engine. As it stands, there are about 600 Outlanders sold per month, with Mitsubishi aiming to increase sales to 1000 per month for 2013.

What will attract more customers to this model is improvements across interior quality, which were greatly lacking in previous models.

Prospective buyers will see a marginal improvement in ride quality, with a new exterior design and some high-end options available which include radar-cruise control and automatic emergency braking, the model has made significant strides forward.

While still not a class leading vehicle, the 2013 Outlander is definitely gaining on it’s opposition and provides a more compelling vehicle that its predecessor ever did.

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