Low Doc Car Loans

  • Posted 05 Nov

Low Doc Car Loans

 What is a Low Doc Car Loan?

Known as “self-declaration” loans, this is primarily targeted at those who are self-employed and don’t have access to normal loan requirements such as tax returns and other financial documentations to support their income. It usually entails a higher interest than compared with normal car loan rates. Financiers generally require two years of tax returns for a normal car loan, which might not be available for people who are self-employed, especially if they are just starting out. Low doc loans aim to provide you with a good repayment history which can be beneficial when applying for loans in the future.

At Australian Credit and Finance, our clients can get car loans with minimum documentation requirements and avoid the usual red-tape that can delay the purchase of your dream car.

What are the Advantages of Low Doc Loans?

These loans are beneficial for people who have ventured quite recently into the business scene and most of their capital is tied up in this business. Or, you could have taken the path of self-employment, like a carpenter, who would, without this facility, struggle to buy a vehicle with such a short business history. Australian Credit and Finance have access to all major lenders in the industry and can get you competitive rates that best fit your requirements.

The loans can be applied for online from the comfort of your home. The applications are simple and easy to fill out. And once it is sent to our team, our team streamlines the whole process to minimise paperwork so that we can provide approval in the very same day. We have connections with over 13 lenders all over Australia, so we get access to the best rates in the market; you’ll be hard pressed to find better. With low doc car finance from Australian Credit and Finance, we’ll have you on the road as quick as possible.

If you’re looking for a car loan with minimum documentation requirements and the most competitive interest rates, send in your details to our expert consultants today. They’re there to guide you through the whole process and to answer any questions you may have about your car finance. Stop thinking about it and just apply, contact Australian Credit and Finance to get your loan approved today.

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