How to Improve a Rental Property Bathroom

  • Posted 20 Feb

How to Improve a Rental Property Bathroom

If you own a rental property, such as an apartment, it’s likely that the bathroom is probably not the most luxurious. They also tend to be the things a renter will look for the most next to the kitchen. If the bathroom in your rental property needs updating, here are some ways to make your bathroom a little more livable and appealing to renters.

1. Create Storage

Opt for storage that is freestanding, as this can have a big impact in your rental bathroom. Think about adding a small drawer unit, or shelving to add that much needed space for towels and other toiletry items.

There are also lightweight metal racks on the market that that can provide storage as well. If the bathroom is extremely small, you may want to think about adding a narrow shelving unit that might be used for CDs or DVDs normally. These can work well if you can find small plastic boxes to use for the actual storage.

2. Cover Things Up

Have the tiles seen better days? Then try and cover them with a nice bath mat, or bathroom tile paint. Similarly, if the shower recess is looking pretty bad, beautify with a patterned shower curtain. This will eliminate the eyesore of a nasty shower area.

Are the walls the real issue? In this case, get some artwork to put up. Create a little art museum in the space with some framed pieces that are bathroom appropriate.

Contact paper can work well for covering walls also. Or you could simply opt to repaint or wallpaper the bathroom walls, if this is a quick and easy fix.

3. Add ‘Pretty’ Stuff

A lackluster bathroom is the perfect place to add accessories to liven things up. Add as much as you think is necessary. Lamps, flowers, candles, a make up table, a light fixture. You can add anything that you feel will help in terms of the aesthetics of the space.  You can also add things like soap dishes, and jars of cotton to take the eye away from the dated tile and doorknobs, or simply replace the doorknobs if you can.

4. Add Some Attitude

You can add some glamour to the space by adding a few high end items. Why not invest in some top of the line towels and keep them rolled in a vintage wood tub on the floor? Add an antique coat rack for hanging the towels on if you want to add a bit of drama to the space.

In the end, when it comes to making a rental bathroom space smarter, your imagination is your only limit. Think outside the box, and have some fun with the space while keeping it neutral.

Do you need to do a complete makeover? Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help you get the much needed renovations happening on your investment property.

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