How to Make Your Car ‘Green’

  • Posted 03 Aug

How to Make Your Car ‘Green’

Whether you are in the process of buying a car or trying to make your current vehicle last a few more years, regular maintenance and a few small driving changes can save you thousands of dollars and reduce harmful emissions.

Fuel efficiency is the number one factor affecting a car’s environmental impact and operating cost. Making the most of your fuel can lower emissions and cut your driving costs significantly.

Here are some tips for boosting fuel efficiency and the amounts a typical driver could save:

Minor improvements

Tyre pressure: Maximising tyre pressure may seem very minor, but even this small change can save $56 over the course of a year. Your car’s owner manual will tell you the optimum tyre pressure that you’ll want to maintain.

Regular maintenance: By following the recommended maintenance schedule for your car’s make and model, you’ll save another $140 per year. Even better, your car will run smoother and be more reliable too.

Exterior add-ons: It may be convenient to add a luggage rack or bicycle carrier, but roof racks and external bars add drag to your car and make driving less efficient. You can save another $140 by driving without these items when possible.

Mid-level improvements

Air conditioning: In hot climates, air conditioning can be a major comfort feature, but it also means you are burning additional fuel. If you keep your AC off when possible, you’ll see savings of up to $280 per year.

Engine idling: You’ll see an even more impressive savings if you switch off your engine during extended stops or in traffic jams. Many modern cars come with this feature, known as Eco mode, because it reduces emissions and conserves gas. You can save up to $420 by making it a habit to avoid engine idling.

Speed: Many studies have shown that cutting speed reduces wear and tear on cars, improves handling, and boosts fuel efficiency. By maintaining the posted speed on highways, a normal driver can expect to save around $450 over the course of a year.

Major fuel efficiency boosts

Weight: Remove heavy objects when possible and don’t carry around extra stuff that you don’t need for your journey. You can save a hefty $670 per annum by hauling only necessities.

Braking / Acceleration: You’ll see a huge improvement in fuel use if you avoid sudden braking and hard acceleration. Any time you screech to a halt or put your foot down to speed up in a hurry, you are burning unnecessary fuel and costing yourself money you could be spending on other things. Studies show that drivers can save up to $980 per year just by being careful and making this one simple change.

Avoid short trips: Drivers who leave their cars parked and choose to walk or bicycle on short trips can save an amazing $2,546 per year, based on average car usage in an urban environment. Giving up your car for short trips not only reduces emissions to zero, but also helps you stay fit. So why not try walking next time you have a small errand to run?


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