How to Inspect Serious Storm Damage to Your Rental Property

  • Posted 27 Apr

How to Inspect Serious Storm Damage to Your Rental Property

The force of nature is one mankind has sometime learned to predict, but never control. Depending on your geological location your home may be more susceptible to storm damage and risks. Whether it is your own personal residence, or one that you rent to others, in the case of a storm that wreaked havoc on your neighbourhood, there are some necessary precautions you should take when accessing your home after the storm has passed.

Safety First

After a storm you’re dealing with a lot of different potential dangers including broken glass, damage to roofs and trees that have fallen down. Remember that everything was just displaced, not in stable condition and still has potential to break more.

Stay clear of danger zones which include creeks, drains, causeways, gutters, streams, fallen trees, power lines, or any damaged buildings.

While you may want to inspect the areas around the house, this can hinder recovery efforts and also put you at risk.

Checking Your Home

Wanting to access the damage in your home right away is normal, but don’t rush in. Take a few initial precautions before rushing inside to evaluate damage inside the house.

  • Check structural damage. How much damage has been done to the outside of the house and has any of the outside structure compromised the inside of the home.
  • Make sure the gas and electricity is off. Live wires or gas leaks that have been damaged due to the storm are extremely dangerous and should be dealt with by professionals or the confirmation that they are off.

Wearing protective clothing is also highly advised. Boots and gloves will protect you from sharp objects and allow you to sort through the damage without risking your personal well being.

Food and Water Remnants

If it is possible to salvage any food or water supplies, make sure any food you keep has not been touched by any water and is completely concealed. Keep in mind the water lines have probably been compromised so avoid drinking from any water mains.

Keep Calm and Know Who to Call

Panic after a storm is natural, especially if you’ve experienced damage to your home. But it is important to remember personal safety above and beyond your need to access current damage.

Everything can be replaced except for you.

Damage and Costs

Eventually you will need to get a professional assessment of your home property damage. It’s always smart to get at least 3 estimates performed by certified, reputable contractors who are experienced working with insurance claims and repairing storm damage.

The cost to restore your property can vary greatly. Depending on what damage has been done the cost of material and installation can range in price. If you’re filing an insurance claim, never opt for the cheapest bid- choose a reputable contractor that is committed to quality workmanship.

No matter what your needs; whether you’re in need of a new home loan, refinancing or remodel, contact our amazing team at Australian Credit and Finance.

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