Car Review: Subaru Outback—An Ideal Family Car?

  • Posted 01 Apr

Car Review: Subaru Outback—An Ideal Family Car?

If you’re looking for the ultimate family car in terms of space and power, the 2015 Subaru outback could be the car for you. With it’s constant all-wheel drive, it’s like a tank on the road, and the space it affords will give you more than enough room to take care of all your family’s many space requirements. It’s also incredibly safe.  We’ve picked some of the more impressive features of this model to highlight why it could be the ideal family car for you. Car review: Subaru for family car

1. Cost Effectiveness

The latest Subaru is less expensive than almost all of its competitors, even the Volkswagen Passat all track and the Volvo XC70. The top model Outback 3.6R six-cylinder is priced at $47,990. This is real value, especially when compared to the previous model.

2. Interior

This is an incredibly comfortable car, made from top-notch materials and constructed in a superb manner. Some of the highlights:

  • Perforated leather upholstered front seats with extended seat cushion
  • High end soft-touch plastics
  • Brushed metal and piano black accents on the dashboard and console
  • Elegant, clean layout on the controls, which include navigation, phone, audio, apps and settings

3. Safety

This model is one of the safest on the market today. The car features a large capacity of active and passive technologies, such as seven airbags. The Outback also features Subaru’s “Eyesight” system, which offers brake light recognition and vehicle start alert. This is especially good for city traffic, where the technology can recognise a car pulling away in front and will sound an alarm if the Subaru doesn’t move foreword.

4. Space

The cabin of the Outback offers incredible comfort and full-size space. It can fit five large adults with good legroom and headspace. These extras can come in handy for those longer family getaways.

5. Smooth Driving

The engine is a 2.6 litre naturally aspirated six-cylinder petrol engine. It does not have direct injection, so the power is not as great as you would get on say the Forester, but it still packs a punch. Overall, the Outback affords excellent power delivery and driving that is almost effortless.

The ride quality is comfortable. The Outback’s excellent front and rear suspension systems have almost entirely eliminated all bumps that you’d experience on rough road surfaces. When you factor in the Subaru’s incredible reputation, reliability, all wheel drive and solid build quality; this may be one of the most passenger friendly vehicles in the market today.

Need help locating a car for you and your family? Not sure what options are available or what finance is right for you? Contact our team today and we’ll help you take that next step in finding the perfect family car.


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