5 Tech Savvy Apps for Car Buyers

  • Posted 11 Dec

5 Tech Savvy Apps for Car Buyers

For a lot of people, buying a car isn’t always the most exciting process. Sure, driving those new set of wheels is great. However, finding the right model, haggling about the price and ensuring you’re not being dealt a bad deal usually turns the entire process into a painful experience.

Luckily, the advent of technology has helped to change a thing or two. Apps have now made it possible for savvy buyers to equip themselves with fantastic tools to help them get the best deals available.

We’ve put the main players to the test and dwindled it down to our top 5 Apps below.    

1. Carsales.com.au – The Official App


This app is an absolute must for anyone looking to buy a car. Recently given the nod for “Best Mobile Expanded Service or Application” at the 2013 Australian Mobile Awards, it’s easily one of the best apps available when it comes to finding your next car.

The company recently gave its flagship iOS app a complete overhaul and is now more user friendly, extremely simple to navigate and allows you to search and browse over 200,000 new and used cars. Don’t worry if you don’t have an iPhone, they also have released an Android and Windows 8 version too.

You can also get feedback for every car you’re thinking of buying, powered by the News & Reviews section of the popular motoring.com.au website. This means that you can compare models not only on price and specs, but also on actual feedback and reviews from other people.

2. eBay App


The auction giant app isn’t just for finding clothing, electronics or random garage sale items, it’s also perfect for finding a great deal on a new car. The best thing about using an auction model is that you can find absolute steals if you play your cards right.

If you know a lot about cars, then we highly suggest you check out this app. Many people decide to buy through a dealership for extra security, but if you know the ins and outs of the vehicle you want then you can save yourself quite a lot of money by opting for purchasing via eBay instead.

3. CarsGuide


This app was only released in mid-2013, but it has already picked up quite a bit of steam. It’s similar to the carsales.com.au app, in that you’re able to browse and search through thousands of listings.

It doesn’t have quite as many cars on offer (150k compared 200k with carsales.com.au), but it’s still more than plenty to make it worth a look. You can look at new and used cars easily; refine your search by location, transmission, age, fuel type and a bunch of other specifications.

It’s also very user friendly and intuitive. You can build up a library of cars you like the look of, meaning that you can always log in later to review them. We particularly like the fact that photos can be maximized to full-screen size so that you can get a very close look at your prospective vehicle.

4. Drive.com.au


Drive.com.au is one of the top car websites in Australia today and they’ve released a handy little app to go alongside their wildly successful online presence. The app pretty much gives you everything you see on their full site, which happens to be quite a lot.

They’ve done a very good job in making the app social and compatible with synching technology. See a car that you’d like to show a friend first? With a click of a button, you can send them a full spec to their Facebook, Twitter or email account. If you see something you like but want to review it on your laptop later, Drive.com.au will automatically sync your settings with your online account for your convenience.

5. Gumtree Australia


Don’t want to deal with dealers but prefer doing business with individuals just like yourself? Gumtree is a fantastic resource and their free app allows you to connect with thousands of Australians trying to sell their car.

The great thing about going through Gumtree is that it’s very likely that you’ll get a better deal. After all, you’re cutting out the middleman completely. If you know what you’re looking for and are into your cars, then it’s a great way of getting yourself a cheap deal.

Before you purchase any car, make sure you complete some due diligence – make sure there is a current roadworthy in place and have a mechanic look over it for you too.

If you need help with finance, visit www.creditandfinance.com.au to review your options as well. Ensure you get the right deal by having all your cards lined up first.

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