5 Strategies to Reduce Car Maintenance Costs

  • Posted 28 Jan

5 Strategies to Reduce Car Maintenance Costs

Buying a car doesn’t just end with your car loan repayments. There are ongoing costs associated with owning a car and they go beyond putting fuel in it!

To help keep those maintenance costs down, follow our five strategies below to save hundreds of dollars on your car maintenance costs.


#1: Mum’s the word…


When you’re booking your car in for a maintenance service, never mention that it’s mileage related. The minute you do this, the garage is going to roll out their package options and try and lock you into these.

Instead simply ask them to look over the vehicle and let you know if there are any issues. In most cases, there will be a minimal charge to do this.

Your other option is to simply book your car in for an oil-change… most garages will offer a 25-point check (free of charge) at the same time, because they are literally having to access all of these parts while performing the oil change!


#2: Ask for specific services


You can take it one step further and book your car in for specific services. Shop around and find out what the prices would be for the services you’re looking for.

In most cases, when your taking the car in for regular maintenance, the three services you’ll need the most are:

  • Oil and oil-filter change
  • Tyre rotation and check
  • Air-conditioning filter replacement and gas check

Get specific pricing and go with the cheapest option. You’ll be surprised at the price quote to you versus an actual maintenance package option.


#3: Check coupon sites


With so many coupon sites now regularly providing car maintenance specials, it’s important that you check these sites as well.

Groupon, GrabOne and Scoopon are popular ones to check out across Australia. You will always find at least one deal available around when you need to get your car serviced.

Make sure you read the fine print and note the expiry date though, as you can be caught out with short timeframes and additional fees if you’re not vigilant.


#4: DIY your service


If you really want to save dollars, think about doing some of the maintenance yourself, particularly if you can find cheaper replacement items online.

A quick search on YouTube and you’ll be able to replace your oil and oil-filter and any air-conditioning filters that might need changing.

You could attempt to rotate your tyres, but getting them aligned correctly can take time and effort and is quite difficult without a proper car lift.

By simply replacing the oil, oil-filter and aircon filters yourself, you could save over $200.


#5: Don’t agree to extra work that’s not needed


If you’re taking the car to get serviced by a garage, it’s likely that they’ll look to drum up more business from you by suggesting other services.

In most cases, these aren’t even something your car needs and are often things you can do yourself. Be wary of garages that make the following ‘recommendations’:

  • Replacing windshield wipers
  • Cleaning and adjusting brakes
  • Rebalancing tyres
  • Replacing air filters
  • Transmission flush
  • Engine flush
  • Replacement of timing belt

Unless they can back these requirements up with proof that they absolutely need replacing, just simply say no.

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