5 Recommended First Cars for New Car Owners

  • Posted 03 Dec

5 Recommended First Cars for New Car Owners

The process of car buying can be an overwhelming one, and when it’s your first car, the process can be even more difficult.

How do you choose the best ride when this will be your first time navigating the waters of car buying and finance? Here’s a guide to the best five new cars for the first time buyer.


1. Ford Fiesta


The Fiesta formula is a truly road-tested car. It’s a much-loved choice all over the world, especially in Australia. The newest model continues to over-deliver. The 2014 model is being marketed as more efficient, more economical and better balanced than previous models, and as a light hatch, it is one of the best cars in it’s small car segment.

You can now choose models with all-petrol engines, and it also has a new sleek design featuring a front that is very reminiscent of the classic Aston Martin. The best thing about it though, the way it drives. This one’s a winner for those looking for some small, economical and zippy to drive.


2. Suzuki Swift


If you’re in the market for a sporty hatch, you can’t go wrong with the latest model in the Swift line from Suzuki. It delivers incredible performance, affordable pricing, and superior comfort to other in its class. For the first time driver, it has very high levels of safety as well. Yet, it drives in a way that would appeal to the most experienced driver too.


3. Kia Rio


The Rio is a top shelf choice for the first time buyer. It has one of the most stylish designs on the market, and this is further supported under the hood. It is incredibly competent, and for a Korean export, it stands head to head with the Japanese and European competition. A good option for someone who does a lot of inner city travel.


4. Renault Clio


A stylishly simple European export, the first time buyer can’t go wrong here. With a six speed automatic transmission, this set of wheels scoots around with class, dash and power. The latest model features keyless entry, a clear view of the road, and an instrument cluster that is concise and easy to navigate.

Under the hood, this car delivers as well, with an efficient .9 litre three-cylinder turbo petrol engine. It’ll be easy on your wallet in terms of mileage, but tough out on the road.


5. Mazda 2


The Mazda 2 has been around since 2007, and it still delivers in every way. Its composed Chassis, solid construction and sleek finish continue to exceed expectations, in spite of some of the tech features falling behind the competition.

The Maxda 2 has a powerful 1.5 litre four-cylinder petrol engine, puting out 76kW at 6000rpm.  In other words, this car is zippy. Even though it does consume a bit more at the pump than its rivals, it’s still a great option for the first time buyer.

If you’re a first time car buyer, you could do worse than these five new additions. Check them out at you’re nearest dealer or contact our experienced team to arrange a test drive and competitive finance options for you.

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