5 Online Property Tools for Savvy Property Investors

  • Posted 11 Dec

5 Online Property Tools for Savvy Property Investors

So you’ve made the decision to take matters into your own hands and begin building your personal wealth to ensure your retirement is a good one and even more importantly, a financially secure one. Or perhaps you want to get out of the day-to-day workforce sooner and enjoy doing more of the things you love, like spending more time with your family, travelling around the world, or maybe it’s just being able to choose when and how you work. Whatever the driving force for the decision to invest in property, the target goal is the same: to have an income being generated without having to get up and go to work everyday; a passive income.

Like many Australian’s before you, the world of property investing has been identified as a tool that will help you achieve the financial goals that will allow you the lifestyle you have always envisaged; every time you haven’t been able to make that family get together or take that tropical getaway you’ve dreamed about. So there you are, you know what you want and how you plan to achieve it but you find yourself standing at the foot of this mountain of information, information that is required you learn to ensure you become a successful property investor. It can be a daunting thought and many would-be property investors feel overwhelmed at this point. But there is no need to fret, there are an abundance of online tools that can assist you and make that mountain feel like a mere speed bump on your path to financial freedom.

This article’s aim is to highlight just a few of the online tools that any savvy investor can utilise to make the ambition of owning that first or next property a true reality.

RP Data


RP Data is a property information service that gives you a complete overview of the property in question and the suburb it is located. This is not a free service, but is certainly one of the most comprehensive options available for identifying comparable properties recently sold in the market within the same area. Property details (ownership details, land size, sales history etc), maps and photos are provided to allow you to make an informed decision about whether the property in question will suit your requirements and what you should pay for this property.

Real Estate Investar


Going beyond RP data is Real Estate Investar, you can sign up to a subscription to the Real Estate Investar software which allows you to find and research deals that exactly match your intended investment strategy. The intuitive software allows you to input a multitude of filters including things like baseline return on investment, property mean pricing, so that you can identify properties that fit within strategies like off-the-plan, buying at a discount, splitters, and properties ripe for renovation. It combines the power of over 17 property listing sites, finding publicly available listings, as well as private listings. Follow the steps to search, value, research, analyse, report and manage your investment portfolio. Jump online here to get your 7 day trial for only $29 (usual price $249/mo.)

Searching for a listing using keywords on realestateinvestar.com.au


Google Maps


One important aspect when choosing the right property is to know the locality of the prospective property in relation to the amenities on offer in the suburb or surrounding suburbs. Google Maps allows you to have a quick aerial view of the property and be able to ascertain its proximity to shops, schools, parks and transport hubs to aid with the decision on the investment property and its suitability to the intended target rental market. You can also get a street view, as if you were walking down the actual street. Obviously you should always view a prospective property, but by taking a look at the street view initially, it can give you some indication of what the other properties in the area look like.

For Lease By Owners


If you manage your own investment property, then you’re probably aware of the process of getting it tenanted, and have dreamed of pushing the delete button on your property manager for years!

We’re going to share a solution with you to unlock further returns on your investment property by removing unnecessary expenses. In today’s world it’s becoming easier to advertise your property by yourself, often without risking huge gaps between tenancies or attracting untrustworthy tenants. To do this, you firstly need to know where tenants are looking, and have a way to attract them. This is where ‘For Lease By Owners’ comes in.

ForLeaseByOwners.com.au is not your typical real estate agency, however they will advertise your property in a very typical way. They advertise your property on Australia’s number one real estate website: realestate.com.au, giving your property maximum exposure to the best source of tenants. This means you can quickly tenant your property, and manage it yourself avoiding the often thought of as unavoidable property management fees that have been burning a hole in your pocket for too long.

What can ForLeaseByOwners help you with?

  • Get your property leased quicker

  • Get a better source of tenant

  • Create a demand, and get more rent

  • Stop paying for property management

  • Best thing of all, its Tax deductible!

Is your investment worth the investment? Visit www.ForLeaseByOwners.com.au

Renting Smart


Almost 30% of Australian landlords are opting to self manage their properties today, and if you’re interested to save on property management fees, the process of managing your investment property yourself just got easier. RentingSmart equips and empowers Australian landlords to self manage like an expert.

Founded by licensed real estate agent, Benjamin Levi, RentingSmart provides landlords with professional and specialised software, and support by real people. They’ve now helped over 1,200 Australian property investors stress less, and be more professional, successful and organised.

This is all done by providing the tools which were once exclusive to real estate agents; rent collection (DEFT by Macquarie Bank), payment management (invoices, receipts & late notices), expense tracking, tax reporting, maintenance tracking and lease management.

On top of all of these tools, there is real person support to help landlords understand their rights. If you’re going to self-manage, have the right tools to be an expert.

While the above-mentioned tools are only a taste of what’s available, used effectively, they will certainly increase your chances of choosing the right investment property and start you on the path of financial freedom.

If you need help with finding the right finance to fund your investment strategy, contact www.creditandfinance.com.au  today to discuss how we can help you.


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