5 Most Trusted Car Dealerships in Sydney

  • Posted 02 Apr

5 Most Trusted Car Dealerships in Sydney

When it comes to purchasing a car, it can be difficult to determine who is going to offer you the best deal, as there are a lot of ‘sharks’ in the form of salespeople who like to bend the truth more often than not.

Purchasing your next car in Sydney shouldn’t be a difficult task, not once you know where to go and which dealerships are the most trusted.

Below is our list of car dealers you can trust and who we recommend on an ongoing basis:


1. Prestige Auto Traders


If you are looking for a luxury car, the team at Prestige Auto Traders will have the right car for you. They specialise in providing used luxury cars at an affordable price and their customer service is hard to beat. You’ll find access to Audi’s, BMW, Mercedes, all the luxury cars you could possibly want, all in one central location.

If you need some help in sourcing a used luxury car and the team at PAT don’t have something in stock, they’ll help you locate what you want.


2. Scotts Honda


The Honda brand is well known for producing solid cars that are great for the family. They are economical and run well for a long period of time, so if a Honda is something you’re considering buying, talk to the team at Scotts.

The best thing about dealing with this dealership is that the sales team are award winning – and not because of how many sales they make each year, but because of their attention to detail and how they treat their customers. You won’t find any greasy salespeople here!


3. McCarroll’s Hyundai


The team at McCarroll’s Hyundai have been rated as the best Hyundai dealership within Australia. That’s a pretty big deal! The customers that we send over to McCarroll’s all have positive things to say, particularly if you deal with Sidney. He is a great salesperson, who answers all the hard questions and doesn’t beat around the bush.

If you are looking for an economical car or something a little sporty, Hyundai certainly have a large range to suit everyone’s needs. You will definitely enjoy the experience of purchasing a car when you visit the team at McCarroll’s Hyundai.


4. Bill Buckle Volkswagen


The VW Beetle is probably one of the most infamous car’s around and a model that is still quite popular today, particularly with the ladies. Economical to run and easy to park, any VW car will suit even those with the most discerning taste.

Customers speak very highly of the team at Bill Buckle’s, where a problem is never too big or too small to fix. If you are tired of getting the run around from salespeople, definitely pop in and see the team at Bill Buckle’s – you won’t be sorry you did.


5. Suttons Motor Group


If you’re in the market for a true blue Aussie car, pop into the team at Suttons Motor Group, where you’ll find plenty of Holden makes and models, plus other quality car brands. Best to avoid this dealership on the weekend, as it can get very busy, but that certainly doesn’t affect their customer service.

Some of the popular brands they cover include Toyota, Nissan, Holden, Hyundai and Mitsubishi. You’ll definitely be able to find something to suit your needs.

These are our 5 most trusted car dealerships in Sydney. If you are looking for help with the car buying process or need finance, contact us here at Australian Credit and Finance to discuss how we can make life easier by helping you to find the best car at the best price.


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